Resourceful curator looks for job
My name is Bjorn Pettersson and I come from Sweden. I can help you with exhibitions, public programs, collections, education, research, communication, administration and marketing. Previously, I have worked as a curator and my education includes a master's degree in art history, a curator education and a media program. 
About me
I have strong interpersonal skills and like to meet people from different backgrounds to take part of their perspectives. I prefer to work in an organization with inclusive leadership were coworkers grow with their responsibility. 

I have a broad work experience and a comprehensive education. This means that I easily adapt to new work conditions and environments. I just need a short period of learning to become fully functional in your organization. 
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What I can do for you
I am proactive and can help you with a lot of different things. For example, when I was a curator at Gallivare museum in Swedish Lapland we worked hard with marketing and increased the number of visitors by 27%.
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