What I can do for you

I can fill several roles in your organization. Due to my work experience and education I can help you with exhibitions, collections, education, research, communication, administration, marketing and a lot of other things. Contact me if you have any questions.

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Museum and art gallery work
I can;
- Take responsibility for exhibition work and activities
- Create temporary exhibitions
- Participate in the creation and development of permanent exhibitions
- Participate in the creation, implemetation and
evaluation of public activities
- Write exhibition texts, create ads, posters and printed matter
- Evaluate exhibition proposals
- Marketing exhibitions in different channels
- Work with people, building relations and communities

Participate in senior mangement groups;

- Plan, manage, implement, coordinate and evaluate projects and activities
- Write plans and policies
- Compile museum statistics
- Work with budgets
- Receive guests, artists and specialists
- Create and maintain contact networks
- Run several projects in parallel
- Work in museum shops

Manage art collections;

- Inventory of art and object collections
- Write art policies
- Work with databases, including register art and other objects.
- Evaluate and acquire new art registration systems
- Handling artworks
- Research about artworks, artefacts and different subjects
- Manage and administer art storages

Education and experience;
- Art historian (M.A.)
- Curator education
- Curator assistant
- Museum educator
- Gallery assistant
- Film historian (M.A. - level)
- Theoretical philosophy (B.A.)
- Art educator course

Communication work
I can work with;
- Communication and marketing in different channels.
- Content Management Systems (CSM): Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal
- Manage and update websites
- Development of websites
- Social medias: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
- Desktop publishing: Indesign, Canva, Scribus, Lucid press
- Multimedia presentations
- E-mail campaigns
- Photography
- Digital image editing; Photoshop, Gimp
- Filming and editing film
- Drawing illustrations
- Finding relevant information

Education and experience;
- I have a B.A. level university education in media
- Information manager
- Web editor

Analytical work
I can;
- Conduct research, I have written several bachelor and master degree thesis 
- Learn about new areas in a short period of time
- Analyze various subjects from a philosophical and scientific viewpoint
- Analyze different proposals and agreements

Relevant education;
- Theoretical philosophy, B.A.
- I have written a B.A thesis in Cognitive neuroscience
Educational work
I can;
- Educate all kind of groups, stretchting from
children to retired people
- Explain different subjects in accordance to the
knowledge level of the group
- Educate about a vide variety of subjects
- Create, develop and evaluate educational programs
- Work with disabled children
- Conduct school visits
- Hold workshops

Education and experience;
- Museum educator
- Church educator
- University teacher
- Lecturer
- Museum Guide
- Various courses in pedagogy

Writing and content

I can write;
- Journalististic; news and articles
- Information texts
- Marketing texts
- Monthly newsletters
- Instruction texts
- Grants applications
- Reports
- Legal contracts 
- Ghostwriting
- Academic thesis
- Books, novels and poems

I am experienced in;
- Edit texts
- Proofread texts
- Control facts in texts
- Put together texts and images

I can;
- Plan, manage and coordinate different activities, projects, manage calendars and keep deadlines
- Independently run different and parallel projects
- Follow up and evaluate various projects, events and activities
- Administer grants applications
- Write legal agreements
- Update member register
- Write agendas and protocols
- Booking transports of exhibitions, art works hotel rooms, cars and facilities for events and meetings
- Administer e-mail campaigns
- Administer up to 160 confirmation students
- Administer confirmation student camps with up to 100 participants
- Take responsibility for volunteers
- Perform general office tasks and routines

- Administrator
- Personal Assistant (PA)


I can;
- Social competent
- Work with most people
- Never give up
- Easy adapt to new conditions and environment
- Do forest clearing
- I am not prestigious, for me its important that the job is done in the best possible way. I have no need to be in the spotlight
- Say NO. During my stay in Nairobi I've got a very good training by turning down annoying street vendors

I have;
- A driving license for car and snowmobile
- Great physical strength
- A good health and I'm almost never sick
- Experience of working with dogs