I have written several bachelor's and master's degree thesis with distinction. Besides this, I have written many different texts. I can help you write everything from short humorous stories, articles, information material, exhibition texts, grants applications, marketing texts to scientific works. If you give me an opportunity I promise to become an excellent writer in English within half a year.

You can't probably read Swedish, but if you click on the links you can see the effort I have invested in my thesis.

Master degree thesis in cinema studies
Lack of spiritual understanding? Space aliens and their research about the human soul in the movie Dark City.
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Bachelor degree thesis in theoretical philosophy
Jean-François Lyotard's notions about knowledge.
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Master degree thesis in theoretical philosophy, ongoing
An interpretation of Jean Baudrillards definition and description of the development of war, terrorism and mass media since World War one.

Master degree thesis in art history
Romuald Hazoumé and his installation La Bouche du Roi – A contemporary African artist's interpretation of todays slavery.
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Bachelor degree thesis in cognitive neuroscience
Religious experiences and the brain.
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Bachelor degree thesis in religious studies, ongoing American serpent handlers interpreted from a memetic perspective.