Work experience

I hope to become a part of your team and help you to achieve your goals.
Due to my background, I can help you with a lot of different tasks. It's easy for me to learn and to adapt to new environments. I currently work in Swedish Lapland and previously I have worked in London, Stockholm, on the Norwegian West Coast and I have had an internship in Kenya.

Below I describe my experience in some areas where I hopefully can be of use to you. Please, contact me if you have any questions.

A part of an exhibition about the Swedish chemist Jacob Berzelius at the Observatory Museum. I worked as a curatorial assistant and participated in the planning and creation of this exhibition. Image courtesy: Utställningsestetiskt forum.

Museum and art gallery work
My areas of responsibility at Gällivare museum include exhibitions, an art collection consisting of 2100 works, and being a part of the senior cultural management group. During my first year, we worked hard with improving exhibitions, marketing, and general communication to the public. It resulted in 27 percent more visitors. I love creating exhibitions and the most interesting project I participated in last year was to create a 1960's apartment in Malmberget's (a mining town) only "skyscraper".

During the Covid-19 crisis, we are working on digitizing the museum and our photo archive. We want to increase the museum's presence on the Internet and in Social media. When the crisis is over we hope to be well prepared to attract more visitors than before pandemic.

I have a master's degree in art history and a curator education. Besides this, I have a Bachelor's degree in theoretical philosophy and I have also written a master's degree thesis in cinema studies. I am used to conducting research and to write various texts.

In 2010, I worked as a curatorial assistant at the Observatory Museum in Stockholm. I participated in the creation of an exhibition about the chemist Jacob Berzelius. After Carl von Linné he is Sweden's most famous scientist. My work included planning, research, grouping objects in a database, write exhibition texts, cooperation with the exhibition designer and our multimedia provider, and developing educational programs. I also made a proposal on how the exhibition would be presented on social media and on the museum's website.

I have worked as a gallery assistant at the October Gallery in London. It shows contemporary art from all around the world. Several of its artists are represented in the British Museum and Tate Britain. My work consisted of creating graphic folders of the exhibitions, help our art director hanging exhibitions, handling artworks, receive guests and visitors, cooking, and a lot of other things.

Previously, I have been a museum educator at the Observatory Museum, Police Museum (both in Stockholm), and at Porjus hydropower plant. I have held hundreds of classes about everything from 1700-th astronomy, 1800-th chemistry, hydroelectrical power plants to Swedish crime cases. Due to this I can explain different areas due to the knowledge level of the group. I am used to working with different groups ranging from children to retired people. I have also done some educational studies.

Nairobi, we are working on an installation.
As an administrator at St. Clara Church, I assisted my boss and the financial manager with planning, coordination, grants applications, and participation in different activities. Besides this I independently managed several projects. I was also in charge of the membership register, marketing, diaries of letters, and study visits. The work includes general office tasks and routines.

Writing grants applications was a central part of my job. The money received from my applications covered 25-30 percent of the total annual budget.

Three years ago I had full responsibility for St. Clara church summer island Lindholmen in lake Mälaren. It was a wonderful time because the work was primarily intended to help vulnerable women and young people. I was charge for administration, budget, food, events, volunteer workers, maintenance, security, motorboat driving and contact with external partners.

A view from St. Clara Church's summer island Lindholmen. I loved to work there and help people in need. It was very nice to swim every day.
Information work and marketing
I have worked as a web editor at a Swedish Book Club for military history and as an administrator and information manager at St. Clara church in Stockholm. At the book club, I was responsible for the webshop and the development of two large commercial web sites. A large part of my work consisted of writing marketing texts for different target groups.

During the last year, we increased the number of visitors to the museum with 27%. We worked hard with marketing, exhibitions and to build relations with the public.

My studies include a 3-year media arts program at Skövde University and a course in journalistic writing at Ljungskile Folkhögskola.
I am used to producing material for web and print. For example articles, short stories, thesis, grants applications and marketing texts. It is easy for me to conduct research about new areas and to acquire the knowledge that is required to write and proofread texts. I have written several academic theses with distinction.

A reconstructed crime scene that I have talked about many times. At the Police Museum in Stockholm. Image courtesy: The Police Museum.
Educational work
I have a lot of experience working with young people and schools. In addition to my museum teacher work I have had several other educational jobs. For four years I was a church educator in Florø on the Norwegian West Coast. Annually I had responsibility for up to 160 confirmation students in the age 14-15 years. I have also been a teacher at the University of Skövde and taught some basic courses and supervised students who were writing basic thesis. Besides this I have worked with children suffering from mental disabilities (ADHD, DAMP, Asperger's syndrome and multi-disabilities).

I have done educational studies, an art education course and I have also participated in some church educational studies.
Social ability
I love to meet and work with people and I have the ability to quickly adapt to different environments. My present job demands social skills, foresight, integrity, discretion, patience and simultaneous capacity. In the last decade I have had the privilege to work with many people from different backgrounds; from homeless, drug addicts, mentally disabled, refugees, children, teenagers, artists, craftsmen, politicians, priests, senior military officers to professors at the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.