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Exhibitions and events: I have been responsible for 35 temporary exhibitions and several events. I master all steps from planning, agreements, texts, coordination, logistics, budgeting, marketing and hands-on work. At Gällivare Kulturmuseum, I have written new texts for the permanent exhibitions to make the museum a more accessible and narrative whole. I am also used to work with QR-codes in exhibitions. Regarding larger events, I have had responsibility for organizing confirmation camps for youths with up to 120 participants.

Communication and marketing: I can help to make your museum more visible. In 2019, I improved Gällivare Kulturmuseum's communication and marketing. The number of visitors increased by 27% and the store began to make a profit. Previously, I have been a web editor at a historical book club. I had responsibility for web sites and the web shop. The work consisted of target group adapted marketing. I also have experience of working with social media, graphic design and AI-software to create texts and images.

Education: I have experience of teaching children, young people and most other groups. I can explain different topics due to the knowledge level of the audience. Furthermore, I can create and develop educational programs. My experience includes professions such as museum educator, parish educator, university teacher and working with children suffering from neurological disorders.

Art registrar and collections: I have made an inventory of Gällivare municipality's art collection of 2300 works and of two smaller collections. The work included acquiring and implementing a new digital art register system, writing an art policy and arranging art storages. I have also participated in several artistic projects such as acquiring new public artworks and saving older ones from destruction.

Grants applications: I can help you apply for financial resources. Previously, I worked as an administrator at St. Clara Church in Stockholm. I was responsible for grants applications and the money received from my applications corresponded to about 20% of the annual budget.

Projects: I am used to participate in projects. At the moment I am creating a new permanent exhibition with archaeological artifacts from the Sámi sacrificial location Unna Saiva in Swedish Lapland. The exhibition will be completed in August 2025. In addition to this, I am part of a group that will produce three large mural paintings in central Gällivare. Our goal is to create a more pleasant and inclusive city center. Gällivare municipality owns a unique Roma carriage from the late 1900s. It is in a bad shape and we have started a project to restore the wagon. In the future we will use it for exhibitions and educational purposes.

Social skills: I love working with people and can easily adapt to new work places. During my life I have had the privilege to meet people from a lot of different social and cultural backgrounds. The scale ranges from homeless people, drug addicts, refugees, mentally ill, everyday people, artists, high ranking military officers to university professors.